artist portfolio

Saved, , 2007. Archival Inkjet, Various

This body of work developed after I relocated to Meridian, Mississippi. Being in an unfamiliar place and knowing no one the majority of my time was spent alone. For once my evenings were quite and my schedule was not hectic.

During these quiet moments I began to visualize moments in my past, which became host to a lot of emotions. I allowed myself to think of times that I previously attempted to suppress.

I began to think of ways that I could express these emotions through my art. The answer for me, dolls.

For me these faces symbolized masks. In my opinion, man places on masks daily, to conceal their issues of pain, tabooed pleasure, sexuality or that space that is a realm of gray between sane and insane. 

I created my first “mask” in kindergarten. No one knew the unhappy child that smiled before them daily. They knew the masks and “carnivalesque” character that my gray realm created.

The body of work gave my soul peace. It saved me.

*There are eleven additional pieces in the series. Please contact for exhibition or purchase.   

Tiffany V. McPeak