Tiffany V. McPeak

artist portfolio

White Trash, 9"x6", framed 16"x20". Archival Inkjet

 This project began because of my frequent weekend travels. I began to notice how much trash decorated the sides of the roadway.

I wondered about the story of the trash that lined the road sides. Did it accidentally fly out the window of a car or the bed of a truck? Was it thrown out by someone that did not care how it littered the roadways? I began to slow to look at the trash more closely.   Its body, if you will, was crinkled and worn by the elements. It was going back to the place that provided elements for its existence.

The pieces of trash in my work have their own canvas, nature. Through these photographic images I want to invite the viewer to see the beauty in the simple shape and color of the subject matter. Using a vignette allows the viewers to be drawn into the image. It’s as though the viewer is a voyeur into a moody dark place that allows for a visual dialogue between the central image and the viewer.  The vignette also softens the subject. It gives it a soul.  

The name evokes a certain image prior to seeing the work.  Then once the work is viewed, it takes away the negativity that the name carries.

Though my recent works have a certain emotional darkness to them, they still present a light of possibility and hope.  A beauty in the midst of what some would call “ugliness”; whether emotional or physical.

I have chosen not to title the pieces individually. It is in my belief that this allows the viewer to connect to the image without influence.

The series contains 20 pieces.  Framed  16”x20”.   Available for purchase or exhibition.